Thursday, August 18, 2011

Will the Jeep-based SUV Turn Maserati into the New Porsche?

[The above photo is an independent rendering, not the actual Maserati SUV Concept]

Most Italian sports car lovers believe a Jeep-based Maserati SUV will be a disgrace to the company's history, while pragmatists and analysts alike that it is a possible way to revitalize the brand. And those who remember our recent story concerning the soon to be launched Maserati SUV can strike the word “rumor” from the title.

Sources from within the company confirmed today that the Italian company will indeed launch a Jeep Grand Cherokee-based SUV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. What’s more, the same insiders said that the luxury SUV will be manufactured not at Modena, like all other sports cars bearing the trident badge, but at Chrysler’s Jefferson North plant in Detroit.

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