Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scroll Button Out of Control Like a Racing Car at The Racetrack

Scroll Button Out of Control Like a Racing Car at The Racetrack

Many articles, poems, slideshows, and audios may have been a problem for many commenters. The problem for me is all about the scroll button. I click here, and click there, and every click that I make, seems to make the arrow speed all the way down the page that I’m trying to comment on. It’s like the scroll button is trying for first place at the racetrack of fame.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way of fixing this annoying problem? I was hoping it was a temporary problem, but it doesn’t seem that way anymore. Everyday the scroll button seems to be racing faster each and every day at the racetrack. Sometimes I can’t even leave a comment due to this problem. If any of you are missing comments from me, this may be the reason.

The racetrack as we all know is a place to witness full speed with much excitement. Trying to leave comments with the scroll button speeding by like a bullet isn’t fun and exciting. It is trying my patience.

My childcare job, and household chores takes up a lot of my time, so when I’m able to devote a few hours to reading and commenting, I wish I could speed like at the race track and comment on every last one of the article that is placed before me

My problem may be due to an old laptop I’ve been using that belongs to my daughter. Most of you know I’m in the process of getting my computer fixed as soon as possible.

Sometimes my scroll button is so out of control that I can’t even read the second or third page. I try to keep scrolling down this frustration high speed scrolling racetrack. I’ve been able to slow it down and gain control half of the time. The other half I’ll have to chalk up to experience.

Hope you all catch your speeding scroll button and make it stop before each and every writing piece you want to read and comment on. Then tell me how you’ve done it.

Hope my scroll button behaves today and yours too. Happy writing!

Written by JennyHeart


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