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The New Ferrari

(PRWEB) January 22, 2005
One thing for certain, is, the new Ferrari F2005, will be much slower from its predecessor, the glorious Ferrari F2004, due to the new regulations in place and not from the hard work by all the designers and mechanics in Maranello.

The new red machine will be presented towards the end of February and will be looking like the triumphant Ferrari that won in 2004 but as the F2004B modified in compliance with the 2005 F1 regulations to which aim and literally force the cars to be much slower, reduce downforce and to be more reliable.

With the thoughts of the F1 rules aiming for lower traction, power reduction, slower engine, harder tires, Aldo Costa and Rory Bryne held all of these elements on the table during the design process. The design work was tougher due to the new changes representing less time for implementation and the loss of Nick Tombazis representing a key man loss.

In reality, the Scuderia from Maranello, prepared the strategy to where the Ferrari F2004B will race in the first four races perfectly adapted towards the new regulations with an ultra resistant engine. As of the Barcelona race to be held on March 8, 2005, the Scuderia will unveil its new F2005 making it interesting to see the developments made with the F2004B and to see their overall results of hard work from the 2004 season. This strategy presents itself to be justifiable as a safety net in the development aspect considering the long season of 19 races.

Looking at the engine details, Ferrari will exploit the base of its 2004 engine and will put high emphasis on the lubrication and cooling systems since a greater reliability is required from the engine due to the fact that the new regulations stipulate the engine has to last two race week-ends to which the FIA aimed at cutting the rev limits and the power outputs in order to reduce the car's speed. The Shell Team will work closely again with Ferrari to optimize themselves in this department.


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