Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Loses License for going 128MPH in a Lexus LFA Tester

Oh the irony…Less than 24 hours after Toyota released a new promotional video with NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch promoting the new 2012 Camry Hybrid on the Daytona race track, the 26-year old is making headlines again, this time for losing his driver's license for 45 days for speeding in a Lexus LFA test car.

Busch pleaded guilty to speeding and no contest to reckless driving in North Carolina after he was nabbed earlier this year by the Iredell County Sheriff's department going 128mph (205km/h) in a 45mph (72km/h) zone. Busch was caught in a brand-new Lexus LFA he had taken to test drive for 24-hours.

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