Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taio Cruz - Dynamite Official Music Video

What if the auto mechanics are like this sexy and hot ladies? What will you do? Also the BMW bike drove by the singer is cool.

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta - Step Up 3D

Can you guess what's the name/brand of 2 cars at the beginning of video? Is it lotus? I love cars like that and this Music Video of course.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cars Amazing Decoration

Since it's Christmas. Many Car Fanatics are having fun decorating their cars:

The classic idea to garland the vehicle with lamps. While running it looks like colorful lights moving especially in the night.

Car that fakes everybody about Santa asking for Help. :D

A colorful car beetle?

Firemen are still decorating their firetruck even they are busy with their jobs.

The advance technology for Reindeer carrying Santa Clause. Car instead of reindeer.

Stuff toys addict car owner.

Car with cover.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Picture: McLaren MP4-12C Go Racing

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren officially set its plans to bring back the McLaren name to GT sports cars racing. On 2012, McLaren and CRS Racing will provide and support a partial number of GT3 racing cars based on the McLaren MP4-12C high-performance sports car for European-based privateers.

It was 15 years from the time when the McLaren F1 GTR distinctively won the world-famous 24 Heures du Mans (Le Mans) on its debut, and 12 years since six ‘Longtails’ last raced at Le Mans, McLaren and CRS Racing, a victorious and skilled UK-based racing team, have begun improvement work aimed at turning the 12C road car into a race-winning GT3 sports car. As part of the development program, McLaren and CRS Racing will compete at a limited number of European GT races in 2011.

With the 12C’s revolutionary lightweight one-piece molded carbon chassis (the ‘MonoCell’), its high levels of down force and aerodynamic performance, and its focus on form and function, the 12C should prove to be a great platform on which to develop a racing car, as well as visually setting pulses racing at European race tracks.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

John Cena Driving a Mustang?

John Cena

Above:Video clip during the grand entrance of John Cena in Wrestlemania Fight where he drove a Mustang car. I think it is his car or a borrowed car.

Wrestlers and Cars

What if the cars of your famous wrestlers where named after them? What do you think will happen?

Watch the video above for more and give us your comments/reaction.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How The Gas Tax Is Under Threat From Green Vehicles

by Paul Eisenstein

Live in the right part of California and work for the right company and you might be able to buy the new Nissan Leaf for as little as $12,500, as Autoblog has reported, due to the raft of incentives that are available for buyers of the little battery car and other high-mileage, low-emission products.

In recent years, lawmakers have been racing to come up with incentives designed to encourage motorists to migrate to clean, efficient vehicles. It's a clearly noble effort, but one that deserves a closer look in an era of fiscal restraint.

Several states are looking at a more direct form of taxation: a per-mile usage fee on battery-based vehicles.
The feds, and most states offering such incentives, have put caps on their zero-emission incentive programs, and most will vanish by mid-decade. But, ironically, if these programs do what they're intended to, the fiscal impact could be felt for years to come. It turns out that going green could plunge state and federal balance sheets into the red.

The short-term costs are already potentially significant. At the federal level, a $7,500 tax credit could drain billions of dollars a year out of the Treasury if major automakers come even close to their battery car sales targets by mid-decade.

Such cash incentives – along with other perks, such as access to California's HOV lanes – are designed to motivate the move to vehicles like the Leaf and the new Chevrolet Volt. Once momentum starts building, these givebacks can be phased out, proponents contend. But they're missing a big part of the picture.